Spicebrush de Proeverij

Spicebrush de Proeverij at the Market Square in Apeldoorn; 3 courses of tasting.


You’d prefer yourself just to wander through the wine cellar. And then to whisper in the cooks ear exactly what you want on your plate. But then again, there is so much to choose from…

At Spicebrush de Proeverij we thought of a solution.

To begin, we offer a choice of twelve wines, available by the glass, it is up to you to decide which wine can accompany your dish, based on taste. And then the menu: From our dishes you combine together an unique tasting of three. Your selection of dishes we will present on one plate. Combine infinite.

The same goes for our main courses and desserts. It’s your choice, each course again, enjoy in triplicate!
De reviews on Diningcity.com and Iens.nl don’t lie: an evening of tasting is an evening out.

Marina Mogouchkova & Tom de Haas make sure, with the help of their team, you can enjoy a carefree evening! The kitchen brigade, led by René Hagen, will pamper you with the best cuisine.